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The Godfrey Method Company started as the vehicle to reach and help as many children as possible to read early and read right, to launch them into a life of success in school and career, to promote purposeful parenting, and to help children reach their full potential by using the Godfrey Method of phonics instruction early, during the window of greatest learning. The Founder has always been concerned about nurturing children. She served her community as a foster parent for several years, taking in 19 foster children total. After adopting 4 children, she grew 7 more and inherited 3 stepchildren, giving her 14 altogether. Educating children's minds and nurturing their emotions has always been her passion, even while working in the aerospace industry for a decade. The Godfrey Method gives children the two most important things they need: parent time and reading skills.

The Godfrey Method


Shannah B Godfrey has been writing and using her successful phonics method with children since 1990. She has written several engaging children's books using her enchanting picture-letters. Her illustrator, Leah Shingleton, creates pictures that stimulate children's minds.

​LISTEN to Shannah's blog radio interviews: Mom Entrepreneurs Balancing Family and Work on Up Close and Personal with Bonnie Graham (a.k.a. Radio Red)​

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