About The Godfrey Method

The Godfrey Method, a pioneering approach in dance education, was established by Jonathan and Chelsea Godfrey. Its roots trace back to our early work with our own dancers, where years of meticulous development laid the foundation for what it is today. Officially founded in 2020, The Godfrey Method emerged as a beacon of innovation and resilience in the dance world. With the dance community grappling with vulnerability and the sudden shift away from traditional, in-person training during the 2020 pandemic, we, Jonathan and Chelsea, delved deep into research. Our goal was clear: to foster growth and learning in our students despite the constraints.

The Godfrey Method is more than a set of techniques; it's a testament to the power of commitment and consistency. It represents a paradigm shift in dance education, offering fresh perspectives and a distinctive training approach. Our method is designed to cultivate strong, versatile dancers and athletes, prioritizing aspects often overlooked in conventional training.

Central to our philosophy is the emphasis on injury prevention and career longevity. We understand the rigorous demands of dance and the importance of strength training. Our method ensures that dancers not only master technical steps but also move with an understanding of their body mechanics and limitations. This rounded approach highlights the superiority of The Godfrey Method as a resource for both teachers and dancers eager to integrate effective, proven techniques into their daily practice.

We take immense pride in the community that has blossomed around The Godfrey Method. It's a collective of passionate individuals united by a shared dedication to excellence in dance. As we look to the future, we are excited to deepen existing relationships and forge new connections, continuing our journey of innovation and inspiration in the world of dance.